Using Your Voice.

Your synthetic voice can be used through text-to-speech applications.


How Can I Use My SpeakUnique Voice?

Your SpeakUnique voice can be used on a range of devices, through different software. The exact method for using your voice will vary depending on your communication needs – your healthcare team will be best placed to advise on this.
You can use your voice through:
The SpeakUnique App.
Grid for iPad.
Windows Based Communication Aids.


What is a communication aid?

When a person loses the ability to speak naturally because of an illness, such as MND, they can continue to communicate using augmentative and alternative communication – known as AAC.
AAC can be many things, from a pen and paper, to tablets or phones, or even special devices controlled by your eyes. These devices, often known as a communication aid or a Speech Generating Device, allow you to type a message and play this message out loud using a synthetic voice.
SpeakUnique synthesise your voice recording, so that the voice on your communication aid sounds like you – not a generic ‘train announcer’ voice.

Downloading Your Voice

Your SpeakUnique voice can be used on multiple devices, simultaneously. We are aware that people often change the type of device they are using so if you need to access your voice in a different format, please log back into your account on the SpeakUnique website and you will find the necessary instructions to download your voice.
SpeakUnique voices can be downloaded onto Windows devices by installing the SAPI5 version of the voice – however please note we do not offer our own SpeakUnique software/ app for Windows devices, they can be used with third-party software.