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Our New Generation of Voices!

The next generation of our voices are here.

We’re always working to improve our voice banking technology and we’re pleased to announce the next generation of our voices. All SpeakUnique and I Will Always Be Me voices generated from 12th September onwards have been generated using the latest version of technology.

What’s new about the voices?

We’ve been working to incorporate feedback from our users into our voices. This includes better pronunciation of many words, better handling of different accents and increased intelligibility across Voice Build, Voice Repair and Voice Design, as well as improved overall quality of the voices. The voices are now also compatible with a wider range of Android devices; please visit our Using Your Voice page for more information.
The recording process is now shorter and you are only asked to record 150 sentences, rather than 300. We can also work with fewer than 150 sentences; if you are struggling to complete your recording, please contact us at support@speakunique.co.uk if you’d like to discuss this.

How can I hear samples of the new voices?

Listen to the samples below to hear how our technology has changed.

More samples can be found on our Listen to Samples page.

Each clip is the same person –

  1. the first sample is natural speech;
  2. the second is the previous generation of our voices; and
  3. the third sample is our new generation of voices.

Listen to our voice samples

Want to hear what we’re all about? Listen to our voice samples now and hear our fantastic synthetic voices.

Listen to Voices