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Voice Repair.

Healthy sounding voices, even if your speech is already impaired.

What is Voice Repair?

If you’ve already noticed changes in your speech, for example, you struggle articulating words or you sound more breathy than normal, we can repair this damage in your synthetic voice. Traditional speech synthesis technology will replicate and exaggerate these changes in your voice, but we have developed state-of-the-art technology to repair synthetic voices.

A Voice Repair synthetic voice is £250.


How it works

We are able to repair speech that is mildly to moderately impaired using our novel Voice Repair technology.

We ask that you record as many sentences as you feel able to, with a minimum of 150 sentences. Your recording can be done across a number of sessions if you find the process tiring. We will then create 5 different versions of your repaired voice. You will be able to listen to each voice and decide which is your favourite, before purchasing and downloading one of the options.

All you need is a computer or laptop, an external microphone (not the one built into your computer) and a quiet room. Get started now by signing up for an account.

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Testimonial 6

I banked my voice with SpeakUnique so I could better support our clients through the process. I only had time to do just over an hour of recording and was impressed by the quality of voice I received – it sounded like me!

Testimonial 5

My son, who has only heard me with my degraded voice on a couple of days says he would recognise it straightaway as me if someone played the voice to him

Testimonial 4

I had no idea then that I would have a personal need of those recordings. But, last year I was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, and my speech has been badly affected. It has been hugely important to me to have been able to get help from the SpeechUnique team, and to acquire a synthetic voice based on my own voice recordings.

Testimonial 3

My grandchildren said, “It sounds just like Gramps!”

Testimonial 2

I was a bit breathless when I made the recording, and I only recorded half the phrases, so it seems little short of miraculous that the voice is so close to my voice back in November.

Testimonial 1

I am able to communicate with people at work using a voice which is recognisably mine, which means I am comfortable continuing with part-time paid employment, at least partially thanks to SpeakUnique.


Listen to our voice samples

Want to hear what we’re all about? Listen to our voice samples now and hear our fantastic synthetic voices.

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