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SpeakUnique develop state-of-the-art voice banking technology, allowing people to create high-quality, personalised synthetic voices.


Who are SpeakUnique?

SpeakUnique are a multi-disciplinary team combining expertise in speech synthesis, human-computer interaction and speech and language therapy. The team have developed cutting-edge speech synthesis that is able to create personalised synthetic voices from only a short recording of an individual’s own voice or designed based on a set of desired characteristics.

We offer three different Voice Banking services depending on your speech needs.

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Our History

SpeakUnique began in 2012 as a University of Edinburgh research project, when Euan MacDonald MBE identified an unmet need to provide personalised synthetic voices for communication aid users. The research project was in collaboration with The Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neurone Disease Research and The Centre for Speech Technology Research.

In 2019, SpeakUnique formed as a University of Edinburgh spin-out company to allow us to offer personalised synthetic voices as a service.


What is Voicebanking?

Voice Banking is a term given to the process of recording your voice and using this recording to generate a personalised synthetic voice. This synthetic voice can then be used on a device, where it converts text to speech, allowing an individual to communicate with a voice that is identifiably their own.

Traditionally voice banking has only been available to people who know they are going to lose their voice but have not yet developed speech symptoms. SpeakUnique are the only service who can also offer voice banking to those with impaired speech through our Voice Repair service, and offer a bespoke Voice Design service for those with no speech so they can choose how they sound.

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How does voicebanking with SpeakUnique work?

We offer a number of helpful support documents to guide you through our voicebanking process.
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