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Windows Based Communication Aids

Why Use a Specialist Communication Aid

If typing becomes difficult, there are different ways to ‘input’ what you want to say. One example is eye gaze technology, where the computer tracks your eye movement, essentially allowing a person to type using their eyes. Other types of input methods can include switches that are pressed by different parts of your body or a head mouse that lets someone control a computer mouse through head movement or gesture. This technology is very specialised and is often provided through your speech and language therapist, or a specialist AAC centre.

SpeakUnique voices are compatible with these types of devices that run on Windows. The voice can be accessed through third party software which must be purchased separately, or provided by your SLT service. SpeakUnique do not provide an app or programme to use your voice on these devices.

Please see below for commonly used compatible devices.

Compatible Devices

SpeakUnique voices are compatible with the leading communication aids listed below:
Tobii Dynavox Indi 7, i-12+, i-15+, i-13, i-16, I-110.
Smartbox Grid Pad 8, Grid Pad 10, Grid Pad 11, Grid Pad 12, Grid Pad 13, Grid Pad 15, Touch Pad.
Liberator/ PRC Accent 1400, Accent 1000 and Accent 800.
Jabbla Vibe 10, Vibe 12 and Tellus 6.

Please email support@speakunique.co.uk if you wish to use a communication aid that is not listed.